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Countries: India,
Release Date: July 12, 2019
Year: 2019
Runtime:2h 34min
IMDb Rating:

Anand Kumar, a Mathematics genius from a modest family in Bihar who is made to believe that only a King's son can become a king is on a mission to prove that even the poor man can create some of the world's most genius minds. He starts a training program named '' to help 30 IIT aspirants crack the entrance test and make them highly successful professionals.

Hrithik Roshan     , Mrunal Thakur     , Nandish Singh     , Virendra Saxena     , Sadhana Singh     , Aditya Srivastava     , Sanket Deshpande     , Pankaj Tripathi     , Vaibhav Gupta     , Ali Haji     , Rajesh Sharma     , Deepali Kumar     , Chittaranjan Giri     , Ganesh Kumar     , Vijay Kumar