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Countries: USA,
Release Date: July 28, 1999
Year: 1999
Runtime:1h 29min
IMDb Rating:

Susan wants her reprehensible ex-husband dead and, in several bungled attempts by henchmen, tries to accomplish the deed. First her boyfriend hires two dim-witted hitmen. Then she hires a former biker boyfriend to smother him in the hospital where he is recuperating from the first attempt. Then Zane's former wife figures out what is going on and wants a part of the action.

Nastassja Kinski     , Billy Zane     , Michael Biehn     , Rob Schneider     , Lara Flynn Boyle     , Carl Ballantine     , Thomas Haden Church     , Bill Duke     , Lisa Edelstein     , Sheree North     , Adrian Paul     , Dan Aykroyd     , Joey Travolta     , Christina Venuti     , Robert Harvey