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3.75/5 - (12 Votes)
Countries: Indonesia,
Release Date: July 20, 2017
Year: 2017
Runtime:1h 57min
IMDb Rating:

Maira and Aldo lives happily with Kayla, their youngest child and Yani, their maid. But a tragic accident took Kayla's live away and also their happiness. Maira changes into someone so bleak and Aldo drowns himself in work. But 6 months later, on the day for Kayla's next birthday, Maira feels that she is not alone. The sound of doors opening at night, a broken TV turning on by itself, and a sound of a child calling for her. Sabrina the doll which is Kayla's favorite toy is also often misplaced. Elsa, her best friend, advises her to try to communicate with Kayla using Sabrina the doll as a medium. From that moment on, Maira feels disturbed and believes that Kayla is the one disturbing her. Aldo wouldn't believe her. But Maira is convinced that Kayla is now inside Sabrina the doll and is trying to communicate with her. So finally Maira asked Laras and Bagas for help, psychics who did something similar a few years ago. But Laras is convinced that this will be worse than before and Maira ...

Herjunot Ali     , Luna Maya     , Sara Wijayanto     , Maria Sabta     , Rydhen Afexi     , Ira Ilva Sari     , Mega Carefansa     , Shofia Shireen     , Wati Sudiyono     , Princess Martinez     , Dea Rizkyana     , Ferdian Ariyadi     , Syntia     , Wafa     , Shandy Aulia