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Genre: Drama, Romance
Countries: USA,
Release Date: June 05, 2018
Year: 2018
Runtime:1h 27min
IMDb Rating:

Sara has some questions. Engaged for one day, she decides to call off her marriage. Quirky and beautiful, she is working on being bold. Having had a short relationship with a woman in college, Sara seeks that feeling again. How can she have a woman's touch without giving up men entirely? This question launches Sara on a bittersweet journey filled with self discovery, sexual awakening, beautiful women and sometimes men.

Lindsey McKeon     , Malone Thomas     , Tasha Ames     , Bonnie Swencionis     , Paula Rossman     , Abe Goldfarb     , James K. Fulater     , Lesley Demetriades     , Nikki Lowe     , Sergi Robles     , Ian Shepard     , Catie Humphreys     , Jennifer Parkhill     , Courtney Alana Ward     , Caitlin Mahoney