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Genre: Drama
Countries: Canada,
Release Date: September 09, 2016
Year: 2016
Runtime:1h 25min
IMDb Rating:

Nova Scotia. 1976. It's the weekend of the American Bicentennial and 15-year-old Kit is running away from home. Enlisting the help of his girlfriend Alice, Kit hitchhikes through the stunning maritime landscape towards a new home with his glamorous, artistic mother Laura. However, as Kit and Alice near their final destination they find their relationship tested as Kit approaches a realization that will change his life forever.

Dylan Authors     , Julia Sarah Stone     , Molly Parker     , Allan Hawco     , Cathy Jones     , Vi Tang     , Alex Purdy     , Aria Publicover     , Max Humphreys     , Dominique Leblanc     , Deivan Steele     , Stephen McHattie     , Mateo Giovannetti     , Kathryn MacLellan     , Gary Levert