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Genre: Drama
Countries: USA,
Release Date: February 18, 2017
Year: 2017
IMDb Rating:

Movie is a story about a young guy name Marquise, who is raised by his Aunt Debra after losing both of his parents as a youngster. Marquise has a God given writing ability that he overlooks due to hard times. It�s because of these hard times that he finds himself torn between a life of crime with his gangster cousin D-Rock or living a Godly life, which includes his writing ambitions.

Daniel Augustin     , Sh'Kia Dennis     , Michelle Viana     , Tracy Wiu     , Benjamin Bernard     , Diana Lovell     , Sallie Glaner     , Dynell Ma'aseia     , Tiffany Edwards     , Phil Bernardin     , Erik Grey     , Emmett Hunter     , Christine Jones     , Germaine Brooks     , Kibwe Dorsey