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Countries: USA,
Release Date: November 08, 1985
Year: 1985
Runtime:117 mins
IMDb Rating:

Chris Lloyd does NOT get along with his father Walter. Walter is too careful, cautious, and boring to Chris, and never tries anything new, and Chris had to live by the same standards when he was growing up. But when his mother is kidnapped while in Europe, to Chris's confusion, Walter suddenly turns into a man of action. Just who is his father anyway.

Catherine Rethi     , Dean Denton     , Gabrielle Scharnitzky     , Gayle Hunnicutt     , Gene Hackman     , Guy Boyd     , Herbert Berghof     , Ilona Grübel     , Jacques Mignot     , Jany Holt     , Jean-Pierre Stewart     , Jean-Pol Dubois     , Josef Sommer     , Matt Dillon     , Randy Moore     , Richard Münch     , Robert Ground     , Robert Liensol     , Tomas Hnevsa     , Ullrich Haupt     , Viktoriya Fyodorova     , Werner Pochath