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2.54/5 - (26 Votes)
Genre: Action
Countries: USA,
Release Date: April 08, 2014
Year: 2014
Runtime:90 min
IMDb Rating:

"," is a fictional war torn valor story of heroism, set in the uncharted lands of "The Ho Bo Woods" in southern Vietnam 1965. Following a bogus ghost hunt for a missing Special Forces unit lead by a man they call Ranger. Pvt. Johannes Schenke (Han), an engineer, attempts to save an alleged nVa (North Vietnamese Army) operative, a Vietnamese girl named Kim-Ly, along with his fellow comrades who have been captured by Ranger and his renegade Special Forces squad while operating out of an abandoned nVa bunker.

Ken Shamrock     , Mike Brown     , Jess Weber     , Christopher Bihrle     , Sandy Suy     , Shane Scaccia     , Douglas Szczesny Jr.     , Kody Thompson     , Chuck Valente     , Robert Bozek     , Ted Dormeyer     , Timothy Dugan     , Phil Lape     , Michael Casette     , Christopher Moshier