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Genre: Comedy, War
Countries: USA,
Release Date: September 17, 1932
Year: 1932
Runtime:68 mins
IMDb Rating:

The boys' Army buddy, Eddie Smith, is killed in the trenches in France, leaving his baby girl an orphan. Back home after Armistice, they try to find Eddie's father and turn the child over to him. Unfortunately, they keep coming up with the wrong Smiths, and in the process disrupt a wedding by proclaiming the baby to be the groom's child. To evade the Welfare Association, they try to skip town, raising money for their escape by hocking their lunch wagon. But they accidentally knock the bank president unconscious and wind up being hunted down for bank robbery.

Adele Watson     , Al Hallett     , Baldwin Cooke     , Ben Hendricks Jr     , Billy Gilbert     , Bob O'Connor     , Budd Fine     , C Montague Shaw     , Charles Dorety     , Charles Middleton     , Charley Rogers     , Charley Young     , Charlie Hall     , Chet Brandenburg     , Dave O'Brien     , Dick Gilbert     , Don Dillaway     , Dorothy Layton     , Ellinor Vanderveer     , Frank Brownlee     , Frank Hagney     , Frank Rice     , Gene Morgan     , George M