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3.65/5 - (23 Votes)
Genre: Drama
Countries: Canada, USA,
Release Date: March 07, 2005
Year: 2005
IMDb Rating:

Free-spirited Laren Sims runs away with her daughter Haylei, after skipping out on her probation for stealing and spending money using stolen credit cards. Using numerous identities, fake checks, and swiped credit cards, the duo take up roots in Sin City itself- Las Vegas. Against Haylei's wishes, Laren marries wealthy attorney Lucas, and settles down with her daughter to raise horses. But when Laren's criminal past begins to haunt her, the shocking lengths that Laren will undertake to escape it makes for a discovery of more secrets and lies that ultimately end in murder. Based on a true story.

Carrie Schiffler     , Colm Feore     , Hayden Panettiere     , Joe Norman Shaw     , Joely Richardson     , Judith Buchan     , Kailin See     , Marty Antonini     , Tim Henry     , Tom Carey