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Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Countries: USA,
Release Date: June 16, 1995
Year: 1995
Runtime:87 mins
IMDb Rating:

A popular virtual-reality video game gets ported to real life, and Kyle, one of the best players in the US, gets the opportunity to try playing against a little robot version of the arcade game. However, is programmed to win at all costs, and the match between Kyle and gradually becomes a frantic struggle for survival.

Brad Blaisdell     , Cassidy Rae     , Cindy Pickett     , Eric Fleeks     , Ethan Embry     , Eugene Williams     , Ian Gregory     , Jack Kenny     , James Marsh     , John de Lancie     , Lou Cass     , Mary Gordon Murray     , Michael Champion     , Paul Dooley     , Tim Griffin     , William H Macy