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Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Countries: USA,
Release Date: September 20, 1972
Year: 1972
Runtime:92 mins
IMDb Rating:

A dock worker becomes a prizefighter, but gets mixed up with a crooked manager. A sympathetic L.A. detective tries to set him straight, but he won't listen. His manager, who is also a drug dealer, tells him that he has to take a dive during an important fight, and to ensure his cooperation, his girlfriend is kidnapped.

Al Richardson     , Bernie Hamilton     , Charles Lampkin     , D'Urville Martin     , Diego Barquinero     , Fred Berry     , Fred Williamson     , Gene LeBell     , George P Wilbur     , Jimmy Lennon Sr     , John Quade     , Johnny Silver     , Jude Farese     , Marilyn Joi     , Mel Stewart     , Philip Jackson     , Stack Pierce     , Vonetta McGee     , William Smith