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Countries:United States,
Release Date: September 18, 2022
Year: 2022
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Tess Delaney gets the surprising news by estate executor Damhnaic McAuley that she has inherited half of an apple orchard from the father she never knew and has a half-sister she didn’t know about. When she visits the orchard and connects with her new-found family, she learns that the orchard is deep in debt. Using her knowledge as an antiques expert, Tess and her half-sister work to unravel the mystery of their grandmother’s “treasure” that could hold the key to saving the orchard. And, in the process, Tess ultimately finds a new understanding of herself.

Rachelle Lefevre     , Niall Matter     , Tasya Teles     , Adina Insley     , Helena Marie     , Phoebe Miu     , Nathalie Boltt     , Amber Lewis     , Lynn Whyte     , Javier Lacroix     , Scott McGrath     , Kalyn Miles     , Dave Santana     , Sarah Hayward     , Donia Kash     , Gabriela Reynoso     , Camila Savia     , Milagros Vidal