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Countries: Canada,
Year: 2021
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BRIGHT GREEN LIES dismantles the illusion of green technology in a bold and shocking expos�, revealing the lies and fantastical thinking behind the notion that solar, wind, electric cars, or green consumerism will save the planet. Almost every major environmental organization is pushing for so-called renewable energy. Claims are being made about �green� technologies that are frankly untrue. Words like �clean�, �free�, �safe�, and �sustainable� are often thrown around. But solar panels and wind turbines don�t grow on trees. The mass production of these technologies requires increased mining, industrial manufacturing, habitat destruction, massive greenhouse gas emissions, and the creation of toxic waste. So-called renewable energy does not even deliver on its most basic promise of reducing fossil fuel consumption. On a global scale, the energy is stacked on top of what is already being used.

Lierre Keith     , Derrick Jensen     , Julia Barnes     , Max Wilbert