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Countries: USA,
Release Date: February 08, 1991
Year: 1991
Runtime:1h 24min
IMDb Rating:

John Tucker is the notoriously feared leader of the Civilian Operated Police Systems, a ruthless band of bounty hunters formed to restore order in a city overrun with crime. In the name of the law, and armed with an arsenal of weapons, he will stop at nothing to capture each bounty. But when corruption is exposed within the C.O.P.S. organization--instead of upholding the law--John Tucker will be forced to fight it.

David Carradine     , Robert Tessier     , Anna Rapagna     , William Zipp     , Patrick Culliton     , Dawn Wildsmith     , D.C. Douglas     , Kimberley Casey     , August Winters     , John Cianetti     , Brian Edward O'Connor     , Don Scribner     , Blair Presser     , Clement Blake     , Judy Styres