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Countries: USA,
Release Date: November 06, 1973
Year: 1973
Runtime:1h 4min
IMDb Rating:

College co-ed Miriam Knight, portrayed by Stockard Channing is smart, witty, and well-meaning, but endures endless bullying because of how she looks and how much she weighs. But due to a freak car accident, she has plastic surgery, with results beyond anyone's imagination. Now ravishing and beautiful, she looks nothing like she used to, but the abuse she suffered while ugly still hurts. Now, Miriam is on a mission for deadly revenge from former tormentors.

Stockard Channing     , Edward Asner     , Jim Backus     , Joe Flynn     , Chuck McCann     , Carl Ballantine     , Cyril Delevanti     , Fred Grandy     , Ruth McDevitt     , Susanne Zenor     , Warren Berlinger     , Larry Wilcox     , Dan Spelling     , Reb Brown     , Warren Burton