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2.64/5 - (11 Votes)
Genre: Drama, Horror
Countries: USA,
Release Date: October 31, 2019
Year: 2019
Runtime:1h 38min
IMDb Rating:

What's the scariest story you know? An elderly woman-seemingly addressing us from the future-looks back on a harrowing night in the 1990s when she and a group of teenage girlfriends gathered for a sleepover to swap spooky tales and dabble in some occult mischief. But what begins as seemingly harmless adolescent fun is only a prelude to a horror that remains tantalizingly unseen and unspoken. Unfolding in a trancelike haze of dreamy dissolves, spectral double exposures, and audacious long takes, this visually sublime fusion of avant-garde aesthetics and classic old-dark-house atmospherics bristles with the hushed, candlelit air of a s�ance.

Elena Burger     , Dennise Gregory     , Ayla Guttman     , Alexa Shae Niziak     , Violet Piper     , Samuel Shapiro     , Peggy Steffans