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Countries: Canada,
Release Date: March 01, 2020
Year: 2020
Runtime:1h 30min
IMDb Rating:

An ex-con, Lance, with ties to the Russian mob and Aryan brotherhood, attempts to live a quiet life after spending fifteen years in prison. His plans for a quiet life are disrupted when members of the Russian mafia recruit him to complete one last assignment to earn his freedom. Lance's last mission goes awry as he finds himself in a bloody retaliation that impacts everyone who crosses his path.

John Rhys-Davies     , Shawn Roberts     , Alan Van Sprang     , John Ralston     , Sara Waisglass     , A.C. Peterson     , Aaron Poole     , Simon Northwood     , Markjan Winnick     , Lina Roessler     , Jake Michaels     , Josh Bainbridge     , Joseph Claude Dubois     , Neven Pajkic     , Julian Lewis