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Countries: India,
Release Date: August 28, 2015
Year: 2015
Runtime:2h 16min
IMDb Rating:

is a political thriller that unfolds across various countries around the world. The plot revolves around protagonist Daniyal, whose journey to seek justice takes him from India to Europe, America and the volatile Middle East. However, he finds out that in a mission like this, there is always a price to pay, in this case, a very personal price.

Saif Ali Khan     , Katrina Kaif     , Sabyasachi Chakraborty     , Rajesh Tailang     , Hervey Afiune     , Elyas Ahmad     , Farah Ahmed     , Brandi Alexander     , Mohammed Ali     , Manoj Anand     , Jane Clark Anderson     , Darren Andrichuk     , Claire Ashton     , Ravi Aujla     , Raj Awasti