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4.41/5 - (3750 Votes)

Countries:USA, UK,
Release Date: November 06, 2014
Year: 2014
Runtime:169 min
IMDb Rating:

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a former pilot and engineer, is now reluctantly scraping together a living as a farmer on a starving Earth. With sandstorms swirling and food supplies dwindling by the day, it doesn't seem likely that Cooper's children, stoic Tom and inquisitive Murphy, will have much of a world left to inherit when they grow up. While investigating a "ghost" in Murphy's bedroom, Cooper deciphers a message that brings him to a top-secret NASA base. Once there, Cooper learns from his former mentor, Dr Brand (Michael Caine), that NASA is looking for solutions to Earth's crisis in other galaxies. A recently-opened wormhole has given NASA and its scientists access to a whole new galaxy of planets. Brand appeals to Cooper to pilot the final and most important mission: to determine whether any of three identified planets can truly host human life. But it's a journey from which Cooper might never return - one that will take him away from his kids and everything he has ever known and loved.

Ellen Burstyn     , Matthew McConaughey     , Mackenzie Foy     , John Lithgow     , Timothée Chalamet     , David Oyelowo     , Collette Wolfe     , Francis X. McCarthy     , Bill Irwin     , Anne Hathaway     , Andrew Borba     , Wes Bentley     , William Devane     , Michael Caine     , David Gyasi