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Countries: USA,
Release Date: May 17, 1950
Year: 1950
Runtime:107 mins
IMDb Rating:

Annie Oakley is an incredible shot who was raised 'Doin' What Comes Naturally'. Frank Butler, the star sharpshooter in 'Colonel Buffalo Bill''s show, however, knows full well that's not how 'The Girl That I Marry' must be. Anyway, not at least until he finds that 'My Defences are Down'. Though Annie defiantly says 'Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better', she realizes that 'You Can't Get a Man With a Gun'. The victor at the end is love; as you know, 'It's Wonderful'. After all, 'There's No Business Like Show Business'.

A Cameron Grant     , Al Rhein     , Alice Wallace     , Andre Charlot     , Anne O'Neal     , Archie Butler     , Benay Venuta     , Bette Arlen     , Betty Hutton     , Billy Wilkerson     , Brad Morrow     , Bridget Carr     , Budd Fine     , Buddy Roosevelt     , Bunny Waters     , Carl Sepulveda     , Carl Sklover     , Carol Henry     , Charles Mauu     , Charles Regan     , Chief Yowlachie     , Clinton Sundberg     , Dell Henderson     , Dorinda Clifton     , Dor