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Genre: Drama, Comedy
Countries: United Kingdom,
Release Date: May 30, 2016
Year: 2016
Runtime:105 min
IMDb Rating:

In the closing months of World War II aging actor Sir (Sir Anthony Hopkins) and his wife Her Ladyship (Emily Watson) bring Shakespeare to the provinces with a company depleted by conscription. Sir is plainly unwell, discharging himself from the hospital and Her Ladyship believes he should cancel his upcoming performance of �King Lear�. However, Norman (Sir Ian McKellen), his outspoken, gay dresser disagrees, and is determined that the show will go on, cajoling the confused Sir into giving a performance, one which will be his swan song. At the same time, drawing a parallel between King Lear and his fool as Norman, despite ultimate disappointment, serves his master.

Anthony Hopkins     , Ian McKellen     , Emily Watson