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Genre: Drama
Countries: USA,
Release Date: October 30, 2020
Year: 2020
IMDb Rating:

Jeffrey Hansen has had a lot of bad days in his life. He is having another one today. A minor setback that seems easy enough for anyone else to overcome breaks Jeffrey's spirit. He is sent spiraling into memories of lost loves, ruined lives, casualties of war, and the heartache of never being enough. As he wrestles with his past, he is plunged into an epic battle with himself that ends with an act of mercy.

Michael Ochotorena     , Jessica Y. Martin     , Mia C. James     , James Yaw     , Ernest Pittman     , Alex Kennedy     , Lauren Skemp     , Alex Mills     , Scott McGlamery     , Mark Jackson     , Jim Perry     , JinHee Huff     , Cliff Williams     , Xavier Velez     , Xavier Retana