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Genre: Mystery
Countries: Canada,
Release Date: March 26, 2020
Year: 2020
Runtime:1h 24min
IMDb Rating:

An apocalypse survivor defies the colony to seek help for a sick ex-lover, encountering an outside world of desperate humans and ravenous zombies while being forced to confront a past that haunts him.

Ioan Sebastian Tirlui     , Molly Dyson     , Bill McNaughton     , Cory Hawkes     , Keegan Meyer     , A.J. Birtwistle     , Aleksandra Koel     , Linley Subryan     , Vaughan Winmill     , Grant Vlahovic     , Reg Rozee     , Niko Kanaris     , Petar Gatsby     , Christina Lewall     , Greg Russell Tiderington